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Meet The Team

Keren Saban

Role: Social Coordinator

Age: 18

Nationality: Israeli

Fun fact: "I have to eat olives and cucumbers together"

Maya Shina

Role: Web Designer & Fundraising 

Age: 17

Nationality: South African

Fun Fact: "I can't sleep with socks on"

Annemarie Raab

Role: logistics 

Age: 18

Nationality: German

Fun Fact: My mother tongue is Polish, but I don't speak a word of Polish.

Omer Ben-Zvi

Role: Content Coordinator

Age: 17

Nationality: Israeli

Fun Fact: "I love languages"

Dania Taha

Role: Registration Coordinator

Age: 16

Nationality: Palestinian

Fun Fact: "I found out that my name is Dania when I was in the first grade "

Sebas Valdivieso

Role: Media & Marketing Coordinator

Age: 18

Nationality: Ecuadorian

Fun Fact: "I once appered eating watermelon in a magazine"


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