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yocopas 2019

meet. connect. act

meet: the meet-up event

 the main focus of YOCOPAS​ meet-up event is overcoming language barriers among teenagers through activities and workshops and so to bring people together without the need to understand a foreign language before the YOCOPAS conference. 

the meet-up event allows creating a deeper connection between the participants that will see each other throughout the year.

the meet-up event is taking place on the 13/09/19

connect: the conference

The main aim of this Part of YOCOPAS is Connect.

 Bringing together High School youth leaders from Israel, Palestine and the world to incubate mutual understanding, social entrepreneurship and collaborative action that will enhance peace and sustainability for the benefit of their community. 

This year’s YOCOPAS theme will be: Eco – Systems of Peace:Interconnected system.


YOCOPAS will explore elements of Eco-Systems of Peace; what contributes to a system or network of peace and what inhibits it? What are the key determinants of peace that must be present in order to reach real peace?


Drawing upon lessons learned from global examples, YOCOPAS will explore the role of elements that may be required to bring peace to any context, including the Middle East.

so what is going to happen?

music performance

social activities

inspirational lectures from Itai Anghel, an Internationally Awarded Journalist which will Introduce Eco-System of War and Peace and Dr. Yuval Benjamin that will share with us his understandings as a researcher about transitioning from eco-system of conflict to eco-system of peace.

the YOCOPAS conference is taking place on the 31/10-02/11/19

act: next event


For the third part of YOCOPAS 2019, the act part, we invite participants of the connect-event to present their ideas for organisations, activism and other in order to implement what they learned during the Conference in their own communities. Through the conference, we hope to spark the passion of students to start change towards peace in the Middle East after seeing Ecosystem of Peace of other countries all over the world.


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