YOCOPAS 2020: Movement

October 22-24 @ ___

More about the theme: movement

Now more than ever in the current global pandemic, we can see that movement has been severely halted regardless of wealth, race, religion, countries' development level, amongst many other classifications. Furthermore, in the recent past months, social movements have taken the world by storm. From BLM to protests against corrupt and brutal dictatorships, these movements are essential to bettering societies around the world.

Civilizations for centuries before our present-day have migrated around our globe, exploring and discovering the many wonders of our world. Human migration, or movement, is one of the most important aspects of history as it explains the past of human civilization. From hunter-gathering societies to urbanized metropolises, all of which were achieved through human movement.


Lastly, as all humans are empathetic creatures, we are easily moved by personal stories and experiences. This YOCOPAS conference wants to place a greater emphasis on interpersonal and cross-cultural sharing of personal stories that move people.

High School students from Israel, Palestine, and the rest of the world come together for three exciting days of conference and for the first time ever - outside of the EMIS campus!



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