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 11-13 November 2021

about thE conference

Date: 11-13 November 2021
Location: Eastern Mediterranean International School, Israel

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The theme: Narratives


The theme of the conference is the intersection between peace and sustainability; our aim is to increase understanding of the relationship between both concepts. 

This year we have a special focus on narratives.

For every conflict, there are many people with many different perspectives and opinions. However, when we are so caught up in our own perspective, we tend to forget to think about someone else’s perspective. This year, we will explore the way different narratives and perspectives affect conflict, and how we can use this as a tool to establish common ground between these different points of view. 

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The conference agenda


With the theme of Narratives, throughout the three days of the conference, participants will be able to join panel discussions, lectures by distinguished guest speakers and workshops about Narratives in the scope of Storytelling, Media, Education and Sustainability.

Especially, on the last day of the conference, participants will go on a trip to a special location where they can learn more on the history and impacts of the conflict on that area. Based on that, they will then be able to apply what they learn during the two previous days into actions to help and support the community there.

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What you can expect from the conference

Being a participant of the conference, you can meet with Israeli, Palestinian and international students from all around the globe with open minds and wills to change their communities for the better, just like you!


Every participant will have the chances to select the panel discussion, lectures and workshops of their preference. Based on the preference, you will then be grouped with other students to form leadership groups where you will meet, connect and act.

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Thank you!

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