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 2nd-4th November 2023

about thE conference

Date: 3-5 November 2022
Location: Eastern Mediterranean International School, Israel

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The theme: Heritage


 The theme of the conference is the intersection between peace and sustainability; our aim is to increase understanding of the relationship between both concepts. 

 This year we have a special focus on Heritage.

We understand heritage as not only something we have been passed down but also as a responsibility of the youth. In the same way that we have been given heritage we have the responsibility to act in the present in a way that will leave the most peaceful heritage possible for the future.

Heritage is to be acknowledged but also to be created and it is our responsibility as youth to act mindfully of this heritage.


The conference agenda


With the theme of Heritage, throughout the three days of the conference, participants will be able to join panel discussions, lectures by distinguished guest speakers and workshops about Heritage with a special interest in activism.

On the last day of the conference there will be a exhibition of the art pieces created during the conference. After the conference schools and individuals will be encouraged to create their own art exhibitions for change and protest. During YOCOPAS this year we will all become activist and acknowlege out responsibility as heritage creators.


What you can expect from the conference

Being a participant of the conference, you can meet with Israeli, Palestinian and international students from all around the globe with open minds and wills to change their communities for the better, just like you!


Every participant will attend panel discussions lectures and workshops based around heritage and activism. In small diverse groups art pieces will be created under the theme of peace and sustainability.


Sign uP NOW

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