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The 2016 three-day conference brought together young students from the Eastern Mediterranean International School, from various Palestinian (West-Bank & Gaza) educational institutions and from international schools.

Held on October 26 to Friday to October 28th of 2016; this workshop-based conference provided participants with leadership and social change skills; incorporating speakers and workshop leaders that represent an unmatched educational and cultural frontier in the Middle East and the international community.  

Water And Peace

The EcoPeace Middle-East Organization

Water and peace – it's a much deeper relationship than you think! This was a workshop run by the EcoPeace Middle East Organization through a simulation on peace talks over shared water resources between Palestine, Israel, and Jordan. Students went through discussions on real water issues that are currently discussed by activists. The goal behind this was to build relationships and come up with a solution that serves as integral steps towards sustainable peace. At the end of the workshop, participants created a joint message for EcoPeace's regional water campaign.


Understanding The Mind & World Peace

Stephanie Fox - Former Officer of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

Can an understanding of mind bring about world peace?

World Peace. For so many humans on the planet, it is THE aspiration. Careers are dedicated to it. Millions of dollars are spent on it. Organisations and companies are built to obtain it. Thousands upon thousands of documents and books are written about it. And international high schools make it their mission. The human desire to attain it is undeniable. With all the desire and resources dedicated to world peace, why aren't we able to achieve it? Is there something that we, as human beings, are innocently missing in our peace-making efforts? Stephanie Fox held a workshop that explored the hypothesis that an understanding of the mind may be the missing ingredient in all peace-making efforts. 

Through The Lens Of A Camera

Tali Harel Even - Teacher at the Hareali School in Haifa, Israel

In recent years, photography has been used as the mainstream channel of communication between adolescents in particular. A myriad of methods is not only used to capture the world we live in but also portray it as the photographer wishes. During this experiential workshop, students learned to view the world through the lens of a camera. 

Sustainable Conflict Resolution


Arik Segal - Founder and CEO of Segal Conflict Management

Peace Projects often face the biggest challenges; such as maintaining continuity and impact once the program ends. This is usually due to the lack of tools and models that individuals employ to manage projects and initiatives. This workshop aimed to provide participants with different sustainable models for peace and intercultural projects. Moreover, design drafting and implementation tools were discussed. The workshop included group work and interactive discussions. 

Interpersonal Communication Through Musical Clips


Gal Rave Frenkel - Teacher at the Hareali School in Haifa, Israel

The video camera has become a therapeutic tool. The ideas behind a fiction script always come from something authentic from within our lives. By writing these scripts we actually deal with what is inherently ourself. During this workshop participants wrote a short script for a musical clip. The topic was : "The Lack of communication". Following, participants captured and edited their musical scripts as to be able to share the projects with other YOCOPAS Conference participants. 

Chefs Without Borders


Nof Ismaiel, Avner Laskin and Ezra Kedem

Interested in cooking with other participants from all around the world? Nof Ismiel, winner of the globally recognized Master Chef tv show; Avnet Laskin, author of the book "Divine Food" ; and Ezra Kedem from Israel's top culinary school cooked dishes from around the globe with YOCOPAS Conference participants.

Renewable Energies


Robert Roach, Ph.D. -- Teacher at the Eastern Mediterranean International School 


A significant part of Sustainability involves the use of renewable energies for our power requirements, particularly those which do not involve adding pollutants to the environment. These include solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, and tidal sources. This course will prepared students to understand the various ways that these energies can provide solutions to the world’s energy needs for the next several centuries. It was also important for the student to understand the various barriers that exist in trying to incorporate these technologies into existing national power structures. 

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