Personal borders & identity

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Borders & society

Workshop Leaders


Workshop Leaders


Workshop Leaders


1. Student led workshop - learning about the self and the borders that the individual faces.


2.  Tali Harel - "Self portrait"  Learning about ones borders

Ronnie Vanger - How to use music to cross borders

Hannah Wenger - PeaceSpeakers: the use of spoken word to cross borders

Maya Arbel - Borders and gender: How gender construct borders, should we and how can we cross them?​


Yair Leibel - Borders and education: exploring the ways in which education perpetuates social borders and barriers and the ways in which education is used and can be used to cross these border.

Jodie Ferise - Borders and social stereotypes: examining stereotypes for what they really are and how they can cause deeply profound "borders" among us. 

Rotem Weizman, Eco peace -Borders and social groups: environment, sustainability, and conflicts: the nature knows no borders.

Moshe Sluhovsky - Visible and invisible borders in urban communities (Jerusalem as a case study).

Dr. Robert Roach - Resources without borders: social borders and the environment.

Sara, Yalla young leaders - Borders and storytelling: the power of storytelling in the context of conflict. 

Liron Lavi Turkenich - Borders and language: What is the role of language in constructing and crossing social border?

Stephanie Fox, former officer of the UN Relief and works Agency for Palestine refugees -  Peace starts with your mind: utilizing the arts to address conflict "a curious world."

Arik Segal - Conflict management: Crossing borders with technology and innovation.

Dr.Yuval Ben Ziman - Narratives as a way of crossing borders: me and you, us and them p what separates us and what we share.

D’arcy Lunn - Overcoming borders with teaspoons of change.

Sami Al-Haw - the use of arts and media to cross borders of political conflicts.

Ina Kube - Social-psychological approaches in conflict resolution and transformation: the Israeli Palestinian example. 

Rony Vanger Music and conflicts: How music can cross borders created by conflicts.

Nimrod Rozler The conflict of Ireland: how was it solved and what can we learn?

Danielle Kind - borders and movement: how to use dance as a tool to cross social borders. 

Jodie Ferise  - Addressing conflicts using psychology,

Women Wage Peace - Feminism and conflicts: can women cross political borders?




The last day will be dedicated to creating projects with the YOCOPAS mission in mind, and then after the conference, the students will begin implementing these projects in their communities.


Main speaker: 

Haya Amzaleg Bahr, organizational advisor - using the triangle method: needs, goals, and means, to create your project.